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Perfect Declipper 3.01 (April 2017)
For a quick impression of what Perfect DeClipper does, listen to this: [WAV] [MP3].
What is it?
Perfect Declipper improves the audio quality of too loud recordings. This includes most modern CD's and MP3's (see 'Why should I use it' on the right). It does this by calculating the missing (clipped) information from the data that is still available.

Clipped input signal

Perfect DeClipper output signal. Note that even in larger clipped areas the higher frequencies are restored. This does not depend on how many samples there are before another clipped area starts!
Why should I use it?
In the 1980's, CD's were expensive and only available in high-end systems - and hence most CD's were recorded at the best possible quality. In the last two decades, due to what is called the loudness war, music has been released at continuously increasing volume levels. This has come at a cost: Reduction of dynamics and clipping. Clipping means that the loudest spikes in the music are cut off, which causes digital clipping distortion. In the last few years, it has gotten so bad that in some cases you can even clearly hear the distortion on laptop speakers.

Perfect Declipper can restore the clipped parts of the audio, in many cases the result is indistinguishable from the original, not clipped, recording. In the process, it also restores part of the dynamics.

Do I need high-end audio equipment to hear the difference?
No! In fact, I've received many emails and messages from people who stated that their cheap equipment suddenly sounded like a high-end system to them. Even on the cheapest headphones the difference in quality is amazing. Just check the samples on this site.

Products that have Perfect Declipper built-in
Perfect DeClipper technology is available in the following products:
  • Stereo Tool
  • Omnia.9
  • Omnia.11

    Interested to build it into your product? Contact us via the email address at the bottom!

  • Most declippers to date restore spikes based on the last few samples just before clipped audio starts and the first few samples after the clipping ends. While this does restore some lost dynamics, it often does not remove the distortion that is caused by clipping.

    Perfect DeClipper uses a revolutionary new algorithm to restore clipped areas in audio recordings. This new algorithm does not only restore the dynamics, but it also removes almost all the distortion.

    A perfect reconstruction is not possible because some data is lost. Perfect DeClipper is called 'perfect' because I think I can mathematically prove that its algorithm approaches (one of) the best possible reconstruction(s) based on the data that is available.*

    *) I have not yet tried to prove this. Multiple solutions might be equally good based on the available data.
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